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Some recent papers in pdf format:
  1. Ordinary varieties and the comparison between multiplier ideals and test ideals, (joint with Mircea~Musta\c{t}\u{a})
  2. K-Theory and the Enriched Tits building, (joint with M. V. Nori)
Some expository/lecture notes:
  1. The Hodge characteristic (lectures at MSRI; intro. to Mixed Hodge theory, and an application)
  2. The Hodge decomposition, after Deligne and Illusie (lectures at TIFR)
  3. On a paper of Jensen (unpublished note written with Mehta, on a paper of S. T. Jensen)
  4. Introduction to Characteristic Classes (lectures at ISI)
  5. Kleiman's boundedness theorem (SGA 6, Exp. XIII) (lectures at TIFR)
  6. Introduction to topological K-theory (lectures at Punjab University, Chandigarh)
  7. Sheaf theory (lectures at TIFR; notes prepared and typeset by Jishnu Biswas)
  8. K-theory of quadrics (after Swan, Kapranov and Panin) (lectures at TIFR)
  9. Cohomology of coherent sheaves (lecture notes for talks by Kapil Paranjape and me, HBCSE Winter School, 2000)
  10. Grothendieck Duality (CPR Lectures) (my typeset version of C.P.Ramaujam's lecture notes on Grothendieck Duality)
  11. Letter to V. Pati: a transversality result (in reponse to a question of Pati's)
  12. Algebraic geometry lectures (S. N. Bose Institute, 1997) (my `basic' lectures at S. N. Bose, complementing Kapil's lectures)
  13. Syllabus for S. N. Bose Institute lecture course
  14. Riemann Surfaces (preprint version of expository article, written jointly with R. R. Simha; published version appears in Analysis, geometry and probability, 198–273, Texts Read. Math., 10, Hindustan Book Agency, Delhi, 1996. )
  15. Notes on K_0(C_R) (unpublished notes, circa 1985, on the Grothendieck group of modules of finite length and finite projective dimension over a surface singularity)