Items Authored by Saradha, K.

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[1] 84h:10045 Saradha, K. Simultaneous approximation over a field of finite transcendence type. Studia Sci. Math. Hungar. 14 (1979), no. 4, 341--356. (Reviewer: Roger Paysant-Le Roux) 10F10

[2] 84b:10049 Saradha, K. Simultaneous approximation of $e\sp{t}$ and $\wp (t)$. J. Austral. Math. Soc. Ser. A 33 (1982), no. 2, 171--178. (Reviewer: Michel Laurent) 10F10 (10F35 33A25)

[3] 82i:10041 Sarada, K. Approximation of linear forms of a class of $E$-functions. Proceedings of the Conference on Number Theory (Mysore, 1979), pp. 93--97, Matscience Rep., 101, Aarhus Univ., Aarhus, 1980. (Reviewer: P. Bundschuh) 10F10 (10F37)