Title: K-theory of virtually poly-surface groups ( math.GT/0209118 ,  appeared in the  Algebr.  Geom. Topol. 3 (2003) 103--116 .)

Abstract: We generalize the notion of strongly poly-free groups to a larger class of groups, we call them strongly poly-surface groups and prove that the fibered isomorphism conjecture of Farrell and Jones corresponding to the stable topological pseudoisotopy functor is true for any virtually strongly poly-surface group. A consequence is that the Whitehead group of a torsion free subgroup of any virtually strongly poly-surface group vanish. An example of a torsion free virtually strongly poly-surface group is the fundamental group of the configuration space of n number of points on a 2-dimensional manifold other than the sphere and the projective plane.
                Look at [2] for an erratum and at the preprint [3] for a generalization and correction.

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