Name :                           S.K. Roushon

Address:                         School of Mathematics
                                      Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
                                      Homi Bhabha Road

Email Address:     

Telephone:                     +91 22 22782656

Education:       M. Sc.
                                     University:  Burdwan University.
                                     Year:             1991

                        Ph. D.
                                     Institute: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
                                            Work completed:    1996
                                     Thesis Submitted:  1997

                                     Awarded:               1998
                                     Thesis title:  Geometry and Topology of Subcomplex Complements in the 3-sphere .
                                     Thesis advisor: Professor R. V. Gurjar.

Present Position:          Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics of the
                                            Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , Mumbai, India