Editorial Board: Anish Ghosh, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay, Arvind Nair (Chairperson)

1. M. Hervé : Several Complex Variables
2. M.F. Atiyah and others : Differential Analysis
3. B. Malgrange : Ideals of Differentiable Functions
4. S.S. Abhyankar and others : Algebraic Geometry
5. D. Mumford : Abelian Varieties
6. L. Schwartz : Radon Measures on Arbitrary Topological Spaces and Cylindrical Measures
7. W.L. Baily Jr. and others : Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups and Applications to Moduli
8.     C.P. Ramanujam - A Tribute
9. C.L. Siegel : Advanced Analytic Number Theory
10. S. Gelbart and others : Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory and Arithmetic
11. M.F. Atiyah and others : Vector Bundles on Algebraic Varieties
12. R. Askey and others : Number Theory and Related Topics
13. S.S. Abhyankar and others : Geometry and Analysis
14. S.G. Dani (Editor) : Lie Groups and Ergodic Theory
15. T.N. Venkataramana (Editor) : Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, L-functions and Automorphic Forms
16. R. Parimala (Editor) : Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry
17. S.G. Dani and Gopal Prasad (Editors) : Algebraic Groups and Arithmetic
18. S.G. Dani and P. Graczyk (Editors) : Probability Measures on Groups: Recent Directions and Trends
19. V.B. Mehta (Editor) : Algebraic Groups and Homogeneous Spaces
20. N. Saradha (Editor) : Diophantine Equations
21. V. Srinivas (Editor) : Cycles, Motives, Shimura Varieties (in print)
22. D. Prasad, C.S. Rajan, A. Sankaranarayanan, J. Sengupta (Editors) : Automorphic Representations and L-Functions
23. V. Srinivas, S.K. Roushon, Ravi A. Rao, A.J. Parameswaran, A. Krishna (Editors) : K-Theory

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