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Lectures on Mathematics

Editorial Board: Anish Ghosh, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay, Arvind Nair (Chairperson)

S.N. Title Author Distribution in India and Neighboring Countries Distribution outside India
1. On the Riemann Zeta-Function K. Chandrasekharan TIFR TIFR
2. On Analytic Number Theory H. Rademacher TIFR TIFR
3. On Siegel's Modular Functions H. Maass TIFR TIFR
4. On Complex Analytic Manifolds L. Schwartz TIFR TIFR
5. On the Algebraic theory of Fields K.G. Ramanathan TIFR TIFR
6. On Sheaf Theory C.H. Dowker TIFR TIFR
7. On Quadratic Forms C.L. Siegel TIFR TIFR
8. On Semi-group Theory and its Application to Cauchy's Problem in Partial Differential Equations K. Yosida TIFR TIFR
9. On Modular Correspondences M. Eichler TIFR TIFR
10. On Elliptic Partial Differential Equations J.L. Lions TIFR TIFR
11. On Mixed Problems in Partial Differential Equations and Representations of Semi-groups L. Schwartz TIFR TIFR
12. On Measure Theory and Probability H.R. Pitt TIFR TIFR
13. On the Theory of Functions of Several Complex Variables B. Malgrange NPH  
14. On Lie Groups and Representations of Locally Compact Groups F. Bruhat TIFR TIFR
15. On Mean Periodic Functions J.P. Kahane TIFR TIFR
16. On Approximation by Polynomials J.C. Burkill TIFR TIFR
17. On Meromorphic Functions W.K. Hayman TIFR TIFR
18. On the Theory of Algebraic Functions of One Variable M. Deuring TIFR TIFR
19. On Potential Theory M. Brelot TIFR TIFR
20. On Fibre Bundles and Differential Geometry J.L. Koszul TIFR TIFR
21. On Topics in the Theory of Infinite Groups B.H. Neumann TIFR TIFR
22. On Topics in Mean Periodic Functions and the Two-Radius Theorem J. Delsarte TIFR TIFR
23. On Advanced Analytic Number Theory C.L. Siegel TIFR TIFR
24. On Stochastic Processes K. Ito NPH  
25. On Exterior Differential Systems M. Kuranishi TIFR TIFR
26. On Some Fixed Point Theorems of Functional Analysis F.F. Bonsall TIFR TIFR
27. On Some Aspects of $p$-adic Analysis F. Bruhat TIFR TIFR
28. On Riemann Matrices C.L. Siegel TIFR TIFR
29. On Modular Functions of One Complex Variable H. Maass NPH  
30. On Unique Factorization Domains P. Samuel TIFR TIFR
31. On the Fourteenth Problem of Hilbert M. Nagata TIFR TIFR
32. On Groups of Transformations J.L. Koszul TIFR TIFR
33. On Geodesics in Riemannian Geometry M. Berger TIFR TIFR
34. On Topics in Analysis Raghavan Narasimhan TIFR TIFR
35. On Cauchy Problem S. Mizohata TIFR TIFR
36. On Old and New Results on Algebraic Curves P. Samuel TIFR TIFR
37. On Minimal Models and Birational Transformations of Two Dimensional Schemes I.R. Shafarevich TIFR TIFR
38. On Stratification of Complex Analytic Sets M.H. Schwartz TIFR TIFR
39. On Levi Convexity of Complex Manifolds and Cohomology Vanishing Theorems E. Vesentini TIFR TIFR
40. On an Introduction to Grothendieck's Theory of the Fundamental Group J.P. Murre TIFR TIFR
41. On Topics in Algebraic K-Theory H. Bass TIFR TIFR
42. On the Singularities of the Three-Body Problem C.L. Siegel TIFR TIFR
43. On Polyhedral Topology J.R. Stallings TIFR TIFR
44. On Introduction to Algebraic Topology G. de Rham TIFR TIFR
45. On Quadratic Jordan Algebras N. Jacobson TIFR TIFR
46. On the Theorem of Browder and Novikov and Siebenmann's Thesis M.A. Kervaire TIFR TIFR
47. On Galois Cohomology of Classical Groups M. Kneser TIFR TIFR
48. On Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups G.D. Mostow TIFR TIFR
49. On the Finite Element Method Ph. Ciarlet TIFR TIFR
50. On Disintegration of Measures L. Schwartz TIFR TIFR
51. On Introduction to Moduli Problems and Orbit Spaces P.E. Newstead NPH  
52. On Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Equations -- Applications to Fluid Flow Problems P. Lascaux TIFR TIFR
53. On Optimisation - Theory and Algorithms J. Cea NPH  
54. On Deformations of Singularities M. Artin TIFR TIFR
55. On Sieve Methods H.E. Richert TIFR TIFR
56. On Irregularities of Distribution W.M. Schmidt TIFR TIFR
57. On Expansion Techniques in Algebraic Geometry S.S. Abhyankar NPH TIFR
58. On Torus Embeddings and Applications T. Oda NPH  
59. On Forms of Higher Degree J.I. Igusa NPH  
60. On Curves on Rational and Unirational Surfaces M. Miyanishi NPH  
61. On Wave Propagation G.B. Whitham NPH  
62. On Equations Defining Space Curves L. Szpiro NPH  
63. On Topics in Finite Element Solution of Elliptic Problems B. Mercier NPH  
64. On Diffusion Problems and Partial Differential Equations S.R.S. Varadhan NPH  
65. On Numerical Methods for Non-Linear Variational Problems R. Glowinski NPH  
66. On Representations of Complex Semi-simple Lie Groups T.J. Enright NPH  
67. On Nonlinear Waves and Shocks C.S. Morawetz NPH  
68. On Topics in Stochastic Differential Equations D.W. Stroock NPH  
69. On Moduli of Curves D. Gieseker NPH  
70. On Partial Differential Equations G.B. Folland NPH  
71. On Three-dimensional Elasticity P.G. Ciarlet NPH  
72. On Sieve Methods and Prime Number Theory Y. Motohashi NPH  
73. On Stochastic Differential Equations and Malliavin Calculus S. Watanabe NPH  
74. On Results on Bezout's Theorem W. Vogel NPH  
75. On Stochastic Control and Nonlinear Filtering M.H.A. Davis NPH  
76. On Topics in One-Parameter Bifurcation Problems P. Rabier NPH  
77. On Siegel Modular Forms and Representation by Quadratic Forms Y. Kitaoka NPH  
78. On Stochastic Flows and Applications H. Kunita NPH  
79. On Numerical Methods in Bifurcation Problems H.B. Keller NPH  
80. On a Method in the Theory of Exponential Sums M. Jutila NPH  
81. On the Ekeland Variational Principle with Applications and Detours D.G. de Figueiredo NPH  
82. On Mean Values of the Riemann Zeta Function A. Ivic NPH  
83. On Cyclic Homology D. Husemoller NPH  
84. On Frobenius Splittings and B-Modules Wilberd van der Kallen NPH  
85. On the Mean-Value and Omega Theorems for the Riemann Zeta-Function K. Ramachandra NPH  
86. Surgical Methods in Rigidity F.T. Farrell NPH  
87. Topics in Products of Random Matrices A. Mukherjea NPH AMS
88. Galois Cohomology of Elliptic Curves J. Coates and R. Sujatha NPH AMS
89. Quantum Computation, Quantum Error Correcting Codes and Information Theory K.R. Parthasarathy NPH AMS
90. Algebraic Independence Yu. V. Nesterenko NPH AMS
91. Galois Cohomology of Elliptic Curves, 2nd Edition J. Coates and R. Sujatha NPH AMS
92. Motivic Aspects of Hodge Theory Chris Peters NPH AMS

NPH: Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi

AMS: American Mathematical Society

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