Special Semester in Arithmetic Geometry

The registrations are now officially closed. Given the accommodation constraints, there are very few slots available. If you are interested in applying, please send an email to

padic08 /at/ math.tifr.res.in

providing the following details:



Brief Statement of Purpose: This should also contain the name of one referee who will provide a reference letter, if contacted.

Preferred period(s) and duration(s) of visit:

Preliminary list of visitors

Lectures planned between July 29--August 10:

  1. Course of lectures by Haruzo Hida
  2. Two lectures by Kiran Kedlaya

An Advanced level workshop is being conducted at IIT, Guwahati between September 22-30, 2008. For more details, and to apply please consult http://www.bprim.org/atm/2008/workarithgeo08.php