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Western Classical Music
"21 piano sonatas, 27 piano concertos, 41 symphonies, 18 masses, 13 operas, 9 oratorios and cantata, 2 ballets, 40 plus concertos for various instruments, string quartest, trios and quintets, violin and piano duets, and the songs. This astounding output includes hardly one work less than a masterpiece. " -- George Szell on Mozart's work.
"Mozart's music is particularly difficult to perfom. His admirable clarity exacts absolute cleannes: the slightest mistake in it stands out like black on white. It is music in which all the notes must be heard." -- Gabriel Fauré.

Mozart's piano sonata in A

Asterix I think I have all but one of the "books". Note: the bigger image of Asterix that you get by clicking on the image has been modified with ufraw to make it brighter.

Reading and movies
I don't get time for the former, but lots for the latter, since my wife also like to watch movies. Not much to write about it but you can go and check movies at The Internet Movie Database.

You can check it out in my photography page.

Oh yes, believe it or not, I like driving in India. Here is a photo of my car, on which I have gone all the way from Bombay to Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Hyderabad... But driving can be quite tiring, check it out here.

And, of course, good life

Cerveza Black cerveza Ginebra

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