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You have reached the homepage of Pablo Arés, of TIFR fame, just in case you are in the wrong place and want to get out of here as soon as possible. No, I'm not world famous, but working on it....

If you want to contact me, well, my email is in the index page.

Let me start by boring you with some of my photos:


I was born in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, some time ago, 1964 to be more precise. As a child I used to spend summers in a small town in the North of Spain called Tapia de Casariego.

I did my B.Sc. in Mathematics at the Universidad Complutense the Madrid. After that I went to the USA for Ph.D, at the Mathematics Department of the Stony Brook University (or State University of New York at Stony Brook). I worked on Teichmüller spaces under the guidance of Irwin Kra. My thesis gave me two papers:

You might need some sort of subscription from your Internet provider (university, company, phone company, etc); if you cannot get them are you are really interested you can try Google scholar (or ask me).

If you want to see my (not complete) mathematical genealogy click here (got it done via The Mathematics Genealogy Project).

From August 1993 till January 1994 I was in Finland, at the universities of Joensuu and Helsinki.

Finally, in 1994 I came to TIFR (it was nice to see the sun again after the dark period in Helsinki!) where I've been since, except for a short stay at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (MathScience) in Chennai/Madras.

I'm married to Anitha Srinivasan. Her photo is at the top right of these pages (click here for a larger size image); here is another photo. The sketch and my photo at the top of this page were done by her.

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