International Colloquium on K-theory

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

January 6-14, 2016


Organising Committee:

V. Srinivas, S. K. Roushon, Amalendu Krishna, A. J. Parameswaran, Ravi A. Rao


Several branches of K-theory, like algebraic cycles, triangulated categories of motives, Motivic cohomology, Motivic homotopy theory, chow groups of varieties, equivariant K-theory, A1-homotopy, Euler class theory, classical K-theory have developed considerably in recent years, giving rise to newer directions to the subject as well as proving results of 'classical' interest. We bring together experts in these various branches to review the subject, to see the interconnections, and to get better perspective of the whole.


Aravind Asok
Christian Haesemeyer
James Lewis
Kay Rülling
Samik Basu Masaki Hanamura Arvind Nair
Shuji Saito
Spencer Bloch
Marc Hoyois Amnon Neeman
Anand Sawant
Utsav Choudhury
Roy Joshua Kapil Paranjape
Ramesh Sreekantan
Frédéric Déglise Bruno Kahn
Jinhyun Park
Jean Louis Colliot-Thélène
Dan Edidin
Wataru Kai Holger Reich Charles Weibel
Hélène Esnault Amalendu Krishna Oliver Röndigs

Thomas Geisser Marc Levine  Andreas Rosenschon

Lecture Schedule                        Title and Abstracts

For more details, please contact:

A. J. Parameswaran, Dean, School of Mathematics, TIFR, Mumbai