Groups, Orbits and Diophantine Approximation

The International Centre, Goa, India

February 1-5, 2016

Organizers : Anish Ghosh, Alexander Gorodnik and Amos Nevo

A week-long workshop titled "Groups, Orbits and Diophantine Approximation" will be held in Goa, India, from 1 February 2016 to 5 February 2016. The workshop will bring together experts in homogeneous dynamics, Diophantine approximation and discrete groups and will feature the latest developments in these areas and at their interface.

Speakers and Talk Slides

Jinpeng An
Manfred Einsiedler Tali Pinsky Nicolas de Saxce
Jayadev Athreya
Alex Gorodnik Mark Pollicott Naser Talebi Zadeh
Victor Beresnevich Dmitry Kleinbock Nimish Shah Sanju Velani
Emmanuel Breuillard Philippe Michel Uri Shapira
Barak Weiss
Yann Bugeaud Frederic Paulin Andreas Strombergsson Lei Yang

Financial Support provided by the Israel Science Foundation and the University Grants Commission

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