Distinguished Lectures in Dynamics           
April 10 - 14, 2017

Lecture Theatre AG 66 and AG 69,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

* Organizers *
S. G. Dani and Anish Ghosh

The distinguished lectures in Dynamics, 2017 will feature three series of lectures on contemporary themes in and at the interface of dynamics, geometry and number theory.

Alexander Gorodnik
(University of Bristol)
Yves Guivarc'h
(Université de Rennes I)
Mark Pollicott
(University of Warwick)

Analysis of correlations for group actions and applications
Extreme value theory, spectral gaps and metric Diophantine approximation
Exponential mixing for geodesic flows and skew products


1. Alexander Gorodnik: In these lectures, we discuss asymptotic properties of correlations and higher order correlations for actions of Lie groups. We will be especially interested in providing quantitative estimates for the correlations which capture quasi-independence of observables generated by the actions. Furthermore, we discuss number-theoretic, combinatorial, and probabilisitic applications of the analysis of correlations.

2. Mark Pollicott: It is approximately 20 years since Dolgopyat introduced a method for showing that geodesic flows on compact surfaces of (variable) negative curvature mix exponentially fast, generalizing the approach for constant curvature surfaces based on decay of matrix coefficients.  This approach remains very useful and we will describe the basic idea some of the more recent applications of this approach, and related ideas, to geometry, algorithms, skew products, etc.

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