International Conference on Analytic Number Theory

An event to commemorate the birth centenary of Dr. Homi Bhabha


Photograph of TIFR (sea view)
Photograph of TIFR (front view)

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Dates October 5-9, 2009

Organising Committee:

A. Sankaranarayanan, N. Saradha, J. Sengupta

Several branches of Analytic Number Theory have grown tremendously in recent years. We bring together experts in these various branches to get better understanding and to contribute further in a substantial way on this subject.


  1. S.D. Adhikari (HCRI, Allahabad)
  2. J. Andersson (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  3. S. Baier (Jacobs Univ., Germany)
  4. R. Balasubramanian (IMSC, Chennai)
  5. S. Bocherer (Univ. of Mannheim, Germany)
  6. T. Browning (Univ. of Bristol, U.K)
  7. Y. Bugeaud (Univ of Strasbourg, France)
  8. Y.J.Choie (Postech, Korea)
  9. J.M. Deshouillers (Univ of Bordeaux, France)
  10. J. Hoffstein (Brown Univ, USA)
  11. J. Kaczorowski (Adam Mickiewicz Univ, Poland)
  12. H. Ki (Yonsei Univ., Korea)
  13. W. Kohnen (Univ of Heidelberg, Germany)
  14. F. Luca (UNAM, Mexico)
  15. H. Maier (Univ of Ulm, Germany)
  16. A. Mukhobadhyay (IMSC, Chennai)
  17. A. Perelli (Univ of Geneva, Italy)
  18. O. Ramare (Univ. Of Lille, France)
  19. M. Ram Murty (Queen's Univ, Canada)
  20. B. Ramakrishnan (HCRI, Allahabad)
  21. Ravi Raghunathan (IIT, Mumbai)
  22. A. Sankaranarayanan (TIFR, Mumbai)
  23. R. Schulze- Pillot (Saarbrucken Univ., Germany)
  24. T. N. Shorey (TIFR, Mumbai)
  25. K. Srinivas (IMSC.,Chennai)
  26. J. Steuding (Wurzberg Univ., Germany)
  27. B. Sury (ISI, Bangalore)
  28. K. Tsang( Hong-Kong,China)
  29. M. Waldschmidt (Univ. of Paris, France)
  30. G. Wuestholz (ETH, Switzerland)

The schedule and title of talks can be found here.

The abstracts of talks can be found here.