Aditya Karnataki

I have moved to Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research as a Post Doctoral Fellow, working under Ruochuan Liu. I do not yet have a webpage there, although I can be contacted at adityack at bicmr dot pku dot edu dot cn. Before going there, I was a Visiting Fellow at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for the academic year 2016-17. Before that, I was a graduate student under David Rohrlich in Mathematics at Boston University. I was an undergraduate at Chennai Mathematical Institute.


My research is in Number Theory. I am interested in automorphic forms and Langlands program, analytic number theory, representation theory, arithmetic geometry. You may want to view my CV. It is not yet updated fully to reflect my recent activities. (Last update : October 31, 2016.) I request you to contact me over email in case you need an updated version.


Maintaining this webpage from outside the institute is hard. So the papers here may not necessarily reflect the full extent of what I am doing right now. In particular, please note that these may not be final or updated versions.

Self-dual Artin representations of dimension three (with an appendix by David E. Rohrlich), Journal of Number Theory, Volume 173, April 2017, Pages 425-447.

A level-raising result for GL(n), In preparation. Preprint available upon request.

Mathematical Writings

Notes (typed by John Bergdall) for a talk I gave at the p-adic Hodge Theory Seminar at Boston University on the Serre-Tate equivalence between formal groups and connected p-divisible groups. I take responsibility for any errors that you may find. Notes for other such talks exist, but not yet in a searchable pdf format.

Here is an article in Marathi I wrote as an Introduction to Knot Theory on a Marathi website, Here is another article I wrote for the same portal on the theme of "Paradigm Shifts in Mathematics" as part of their Diwali initiative. A translation of it can be found here. I recently wrote an article in Marathi on Lagrange's Four Squares Theorem as well.