Visiting Students Research Program

The information in this page is for the year 2017.

This programme is intended to orient students towards research in Mathematics. Students doing a Masters degree with a good academic record and motivation for research are invited to apply. Exceptionally good and motivated students from BSc/BTech may also apply.

Students selected under the programme are invited to visit the Institute, and are guided through an advanced Reading Course (or other appropriate project). This will afford students an opportunity to interact with leading mathematicians of the country. There will also be special lectures aimed at introducing the students to advanced areas of mathematics. The students will have access to the Institute's library and certain other facilities during the visit.

The programme will be from June 5 to July 5, 2017.

Selected students will be paid a monthly stipend and a travel allowance (1.33 times the second class return railway fare). Accommodation will be provided.

Students are encouraged to apply online here .

The deadline for receiving maths VSRP application forms is February 28, 2017.