Visiting Students Research Program

The Visiting Students Research Program is intended to orient students towards research in Mathematics. The programme is for students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's programme and not for PhD students or faculty members in colleges or Universities.

Students doing a Masters degree with a good academic record and motivation for research are selected for the program. Exceptionally good and motivated students from BSc/BTech are also accepted.

Students selected under the programme are guided through an advanced Reading Course (or other appropriate project). This will afford students an opportunity to interact with leading mathematicians of the country. Special lectures aimed at introducing the students to advanced areas of mathematics are also organised.

Students will have access to the Institute's library and certain other facilities during the visit.

VSRP 2022

The School of Mathematics will host an Online Visiting Student Research Programme in 2022. The Programme will run from 13 June to 13 July 2022 and is online only.

Students are required to apply online.

For the online registration process, please keep the following ready :

a) Scanned photo (.jpg file of size not exceeding 100kb) of your passport size photograph.

b) A write-up of up to 400 words, describing your interest in the most preferred field of study has to be provided in the appropriate box. The write up should not contain special characters. In particular, use of equations in write-ups is strongly discouraged.

c) Names, Affiliation, Designation, Contact address (both e-mail and physical address) and contact phone numbers of two referees who would be filling referee reports for you. They should be teachers or persons with whom you have interacted academically.

The link for filling up the Referee Report Form online will be sent by email to both Referees after completing the registration process.

Please click on the following link to apply:

Online Application Form

The deadline for receiving the VSRP application forms is March 15, 2022. The deadline for receiving letters of recommendation is March 22, 2022.

The list of selected students for online VSRP Program are given below:

Name Reference No.
Mr. Dinesh Limbu VSRP-MATH-2022-35026
Mr. Rabi Kumar Chakraborty VSRP-MATH-2022-35027
Miss Tanu Rathi VSRP-MATH-2022-35103
Mr. Muhammad Mursaleen VSRP-MATH-2022-35106
Miss Minakshi Verma VSRP-MATH-2022-35128
Ms Rishika Agrawal VSRP-MATH-2022-35138
Mr. Vikram Nadig VSRP-MATH-2022-35151
Ms Dinny Ann Daniel VSRP-MATH-2022-35163
Mr. Mrigank Shekhar Pathak VSRP-MATH-2022-35177
Ms. Trishita Patra VSRP-MATH-2022-35224
Mr. Snehinh Sen VSRP-MATH-2022-35005
Mr. Saptarshi Dandapat VSRP-MATH-2022-35009
Mr Rajarshi Kanta Ghosh VSRP-MATH-2022-35065
Mr. Soumya Das Gupta VSRP-MATH-2022-35087
Mr. Spandan Ghosh VSRP-MATH-2022-35099
Mr. Souptik Mudi VSRP-MATH-2022-35107
Mr. Dipranjan Pal VSRP-MATH-2022-35111
Mr Saheb Mohapatra VSRP-MATH-2022-35114
Mr Sauditya Jaiswal VSRP-MATH-2022-35119
Mr. Sourajyoti Maiti VSRP-MATH-2022-35127
Mr Apratim Choudhury VSRP-MATH-2022-35129
Mr. Tushar Karmakar VSRP-MATH-2022-35136
Mr Arindam Bhattacharyya VSRP-MATH-2022-35161
Mr. Aditya Guha Roy VSRP-MATH-2022-35168
Ms. Gargi Biswas VSRP-MATH-2022-35199
Mr. Atreya Choudhury VSRP-MATH-2022-35239
Ms Nupur Jain VSRP-MATH-2022-35244
Mr Harshul Khanna VSRP-MATH-2022-35247
Mr. Kartikeya Rai VSRP-MATH-2022-35242
  • Eknath Ghate
  • Omprokash Das

Please direct questions to:

Omprokash Das (omdas "at"