How to reach TIFR

From The International Airport

(About 1 and 1/2 hours)

The best way to reach TIFR from the International Airport (Sivaji Airport, formerly known as Sahar Airport) is to take a pre-paid taxi. There are counters at the exit of all terminals, with windows opened to the inside as well as the outside of the airport. You can book a taxi at fixed rates (in display), plus a small service fee and some charges per piece of luggage.

Your destination is Navy Nagar. You will be given a slip; then you have to look for the taxi with plate number in the slip (usually taxi drivers will come and take you to the taxi). Give the slip to the driver, wait for him to do his paperwork and return the slip to you. Then you can get into the taxi and come; the police is just a few meters outside the taxi stop; they will ask you for the slip to confirm it, and return it to you. Keep the slip as it is the only proof of your taking the taxi.

TIFR is located in Navy Nagar. The taxi driver might not know the exact location, and it is difficult to give directions in the web, but here is an attempt: reach Cuffe Parade up to President Hotel (that will be known to most taxi drivers); keep driving until the end of the street, where there is a circle. Turn to the right in the circle, and you will be in Homi Bhabha Road (you can ask for Navy Nagar Bus depot or Sumithra Market). Go up to the very end of the road. The last gate on the right hand side is the TIFR colony, where the Guest House is located. The last gate of the left hand side is the Institute (the last but one gate belongs to the Navy, but they will direct you to TIFR, which is the next gate).

The cost of the pre-paid taxi is as per the taxi rates in Bombay (the meter reading is converted in the actual price according to a table available with the taxi driver; you can contact the traffic police in
case of any dispute over the price).

From The National Airpot

(About 1 hour)

The national airport is known as the national terminal of Sivaji Airport, earlier as Santa Cruz airport. There are no pre-paid taxis here, but you can take a taxi from th queue; it will go by the meter, and the police is at the exit to take your name and destination (Navy Nagar), in case of complaints later one. Follow the instructions as earlier.

From CST/VT Station

(About 20 minutes)

You can come by taxi (read directions above) or take a bus. The buses that come to TIFR are 3, 6, 11 and 125. You can take them at the GPO stop (if you come in a long distance train) or just outside the station to the right (if you come in a local train).

The stop is Navy Nagar, the last stop in the route. From there keep walking up to the end of the street, where ITFR is located.

Some buses in route 6 do not go all the way to Navy Nagar, but stop earlier (Electric House); be careful about that.

From Churchgate Station

(About 20 minutes)

If you come by bus take number 137 to Navy Nagar and follow instructions above. If you take a taxi, ask to go to Navy Nagar.

From Other Stations

You can always come by taxi, to Navy Nagar. If you prefer public transport, first take the train to VT (if you came to Kurla station) or Churchgate (if you reached Bombay Central or Bandra). From there follow instructions above.