Colloquium abstracts

Ramesh Gangolli
University of Washington
December 6, 2018

Some unpublished work of Harish-Chandra:  When Harish-Chandra died in 1983, he left behind a voluminous pile of handwritten manuscripts on harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups over real/complex and p-adic fields. The manuscripts were turned over to the archives of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and are archived there. Robert Langlands is the Trustee of the Harish- Chandra archive, and has always been interested in finding a way of salvaging whatever might be valuable in these manuscripts. Some years ago, at a conference in UCLA, he asked if V. S. Varadarajan and I might look at some of these. The results of our efforts have resulted in the publication of the Volume 5 (Posthumous) of the Collected works of Harish-Chandra by Springer Verlag. My talk will be devoted to a bare outline of the results in this volume, without much detail.