Colloquium abstracts

Jong Hae Keum
Korea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea
January 15, 2014

K3 Surfaces: Automorphisms, Algebra and Geometry:  A review on $K3$ surfaces will be given, their history and recent result on them. It is a natural and fundamental problem to determine all possible orders of automorphisms of $K3$ surfaces in any characteristic. Even in the case of complex $K3$ surfaces, this problem has been settled only for symplectic automorphisms and purely non-symplectic automorphisms, due to Nikulin, Mukai, Kondo and Oguiso. In a recent work I solve the problem in all characteristics bigger than $3$. In particular, $66$ is the maximum possible finite order in each characteristic bigger than $3$. I will also give an interesting comparison with the corresponding well known result on elliptic curves.