Colloquium abstracts

M. Tadic
University of Zagreb ,Croatia
February 19, 2013

Harmonic analysis on classical p-adic groups and L-packets:  Local Langlands correspondences for reductive groups generalise the Artin reciprocity law from the local class field theory. These correspondences are expected to give natural partitions of irreducible representations into finite sets, called L-packets. There were recently big breakthroughs regarding them in the case of classical p-adic groups (other then GL-groups which were settled earlier). From the other side, the square integrable packets emerge naturally considering some very basic problems of (pure) harmonic analysis of these groups. In our lecture we shall discuss this connection, and how crucial data of one theory correspond to the crucial data of the other theory (this is nice instance of unity which we sometimes meet in mathematics). We shall discuss how one can describe elements of packets and related questions, like for example, given an irreducible square integrable representation, what are the other elements of the packet etc.. All this is directly related to the clas