Some former members of the School

Name Research Current Affiliation
M.S. Raghunathan Lie groups and algebraic groups IIT Bombay, India
Vikram B. Mehta Moduli spaces of vector bundles, Frobenius splitting Deceased
R. Sujatha Iwasawa theory, Arithmetic Geometry University of British Columbia, Canada
S.M. Bhatwadekar Commutative Algebra Bhashkaracharya Pratitisthana, Pune, India
T.N. Shorey Number Theory IIT Bombay, India
Nimish A. Shah Lie groups, Ergodic theory and, applications to number theory, Ohio State University, USA
Pablo Ares Gastesi Teichmuller spaces, Riemann, surfaces Universidad San Pablo CEU, Spain
R. Parthasarathy Representation of real, semi-simple Lie groups Web page and
Repository IAS
R. Parimala Algebra and number theory Emory University, Atlanta, USA
S.G. Dani Ergodic theory and Lie groups IIT Bombay, India
Navin Singhi Combinatorial aspects of structures occuring in Mathematics and Computer Science IIT Bombay, India
Usha Bhosle Moduli spaces of vector bundles and parabolic G-bundles IISc Bangalore, India
R.V. Gurjar Complex algebraic surfaces IIT Bombay, India
G.R. Vijaykumar Eigenvalues of adjencency matrices of signed graphs
N. Saradha Number theory, exponential Diophantine equations
S.E. Rao Representation of toroidal Lie algebras
J. Sengupta Modular forms, harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, Kolkata
Ravi A. Rao Classical Algebraic K-Theory
Nitin Nitsure Algebraic Geometry, Vector bundles, D-modules
Dipendra Prasad Number Theory IIT Bombay, India
S. Subramanian Algebraic Geometry
A. Sankaranarayanan Number theory
C.S. Rajan Number theory Ashoka University
Amalendu Krishna Algebraic geometry IISc Bangalore, India