Dean:   A.J. Parameswaran

Name Research Area Username
Amitava Bhattacharya photo Combinatorics amitava
Siddhartha Bhattacharya photo Ergodic theory siddhart
Indranil Biswas photo Vector Bundles indranil
Tanmay Deshpande photo Representation Theory tanmay
N. Fakhruddin photo Algebraic Geometry naf
Eknath Ghate photo Number theory, automorphic forms and L-functions eghate
Anish Ghosh photo Ergodic Theory and Number Theory ghosh
Radhika Ganapathy photo Representation Theory radhika
R.V. Gurjar photo Complex algebraic surfaces gurjar
Amit Hogadi photo Algebraic Geometry amit
Yogish I. Holla photo Vector bundles yogi
Amalendu Krishna photo Algebraic cycles and K-theory amal
Mahan Mj photo Topology/Geometry mahan
Ritabrata Munshi photo Number Theory rmunshi
Arvind Nair photo Lie groups and representation theory arvind
Nitin Nitsure photo Algebraic Geometry, Vector bundles, D-modules nitsure
A.J. Parameswaran photo Singular theory, Topology of open surfaces param
Dipendra Prasad photo Number theory dprasad
C.S. Rajan photo Number theory rajan
Ravi A. Rao photo Classical algebraic K-theory ravi
S.E. Rao photo Representation of toroidal Lie algebras senapati
S.K. Roushon photo Topology roushon
A. Sankaranarayanan photo Number theory sank
N. Saradha photo Number theory, exponential Diophantine equations saradha
J. Sengupta photo Modular forms, harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces sengupta
Raja Sridharan photo Projective modules and complete intersections sraja
V. Srinivas photo Algebraic cycles and K-theory srinivas
S. Subramanian photo Algebraic Geometry subramnn
Vijaylaxmi Trivedi photo Hilbert-Samuel functions, Frobenius splitting, Hilbert-Kunz function and multiplicity vija
Sandeep Varma V photo Representation Theory sandeepv
T.N. Venkataramana photo Liegroups and arithmetics groups venky
G.R. Vijaykumar photo Eigenvalues of adjencency matrices of signed graphs vijay