The following are the committees of the School.

Deputations and Travel Committee

  • A. Ghosh

Finance Committee [1]

  • Dean
  • All previous deans

Infrastructure Committee and Space Committee [2]

  • N. Fakhruddin (Convener)
  • S. Varma
  • V. Nandagopal

Internal Library Committee

  • S. Bhattacharya

Mathematics Subject Board [3] [5]

  • Siddhartha Bhattacharya
  • Tanmay Deshpande
  • Arvind Nair (Convener)
  • Anand Sawant
  • Sandeep Varma V
  • Dean, TIFR-CAM
  • Imran Biswas
  • V.P. Krishnan, TIFR-CAM
  • Amit Apte, ICTS

Post-doc Committee [4]

  • Y. Holla
  • S. Mukherjee
  • A.J. Parameswaran (Convener)
  • S.K. Roushon

Search Committee

  • T. Deshpande
  • A. Ghosh
  • S. Mukhopadhyay
  • T.N. Venkataramana (Convener)

Short-Term Visitors Committee

  • S. Goswami

TIFR Mathematical Publications: Editorial Board

  • Arvind Nair (Convener)
  • S. Goswami
  • S. Mukhopadhyay
  • V. Nandagopal (Secretary and Copy Editor)

Colloquium Chair

  • S. Mukherjee

Institute's Computer Centre & Communications Facility (CCCF) [5]

  • V. Srinivas

VSRP Committee

  • T. Deshpande (Convener)
  • S. Mukherjee

Vigyan Vidushi Committee

To be announced.

Math Circles Committee

  • A. Bhattacharya

Web Page Committee

  • O. Das
  • A. Sawant


[1] Finance Committee: This committee will oversee all financial matters involving the School.

[2] Internal Space Committee: this committee will be in charge of the space requirements of the School, including office space and lecture rooms, as well as accommodation for students, post-docs and visitors.

[3] This committee is a part of the Deemed University structure. Its members are nominated by the Faculty, and appointed by the Director. It conducts the Graduate Programme in Mathematics.

[4] This committee will be in charge of implementing the post-doc programme in the School along the new guidelines approved in the Faculty meeting in April 2006.

[5] The Library, Subject Board, CCCF, and Search and Space Committees are Institute committees, appointed by the Director of TIFR.