Courses and Syllabi

Syllabi of the first year courses

Click here for the syllabi of the first year courses including prerequisites and guidelines.

Current courses (Academic year 2021-22, Semester 2)

First year courses

  • Algebra II (Instructor: E. Ghate)
  • Analysis II (Instructor: S. Mukherjee)
  • Topology II (Instructor: N. Fakhruddin)

Video recordings of lectures (21 - 25 March, 2022)

Video recordings of lectures (28 March - 01 April, 2022)

Advanced courses

  • Algebraic Geometry (Instructor: Yogish Holla)
  • Discrete subgroups of Lie groups (Instructor: Anish Ghosh and Mahan Mj)
  • Spectral Geometry and Semi-classical Analysis (Instructors: Sugata Mondal, Mayukh Mukherjee (IIT_B))

Video recordings of Advanced Courses (14 - 18 March, 2022)

Past Courses

The list of past courses (2015 onwards) is given here.